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To my mom, my bonus mom, and my dad.  I am the person I am because all I have learned from you.  I have watched health diminish slowly with MyMom who has suffered depression, anxiety, and a movement disorder.  I want others to hold on to their health the best one can before illness strikes.   

My former clients in the USA, some whom met me when I first began my Massage Therapy career in March 2002, and others whom I met along the way.  You taught me so much, you gave me so much.  I miss you every day.  Best wishes to you for wellness and health.

Dick P and his daughter Michelle S, Mary Beth N, Dr. Judy H, John R, Steve B, Shirley B, Curtis and Donna, Karen P, Gayle K, Renee McP, Marge B, Brent and Laurie, Harvey and Mary, Deidre and Barb, Randy and Franci, Laurie P, Frank and Julie, Jenny H, Jen H, Lyndsay G, Joey, Erin and her son Riley, John and Colleen, Ardi C, Linda T, Janice L, Andy and Julie, Dr. Rick M, Dr. Laurie and Thomas, Kelli S, Marge B, Brenda B, the living angel Linda H who is took excellent care of my mother, Kelley M, Jeri and Curtis, Heather and Rob , the beautiful Ms Liz R, Susan A, Deb C, and Angie F, Jan S, Jackie K, Lee and Roberta, Mary B, my American friend David, Joyce and Dave S, Larry and his brother Dick L (Larry is still more flexible than you), the US born Swede from WWII - Mr. Hamborg and his wife Jeanette.

I adore you all!!!  Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart.

A deep sense of gratitude goes to those who influenced me with their form of bodywork, commitment, and service to the health care profession:

Dr. Sally Sutton, DO

Dr. Joe Figueroa, DO

Cameron Hart, DC

Doug Nelson, PNMT, LMT - best educator EVER!

Abby Miller, L.Ac

Byron Patterson, CMT

Sue Hitzmann, LMT & self care expert

Gil Hedley, anatomist and somanaut

Jill Miller, LMT Tune Up Yoga & Roll Model


To Larry, my husband who puts up with me and still loves me.

And to my daughter, Jannika, who teaches me a lot and loves me unconditionally.


Ni är välkommen till Terapi Stugan. 

You are welcome to the Terapi Stugan.

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